Thank you for shopping with Unsigned. I created this brand to assist me financially as an unsponsored and unsigned, world class long jumper. I also wanted to create a platform to spread awareness about this issue that so many other athletes face while competing at an elite level.

By purchasing an item, you are supporting me to generate an income to pay for training costs.

Multimedia collage



Socks, backpacks, pins and duffle bags 



Two piece tracksuits 

  • Support

    By purchasing an item from the store you are directly supporting a World Class Olympic Athlete to continue to train for the next Olympics. Wearing Unsigned shows your support by investing financially and also showcasing the brand when you wear it!

  • Awareness

    Sponsorship is one of the main ways a lot of athletes generate an income. UNSIGNED is about spreading awareness about other world class athletes who don’t currently have sponsorships and hopefully helping to attract sponsors through bringing attention to this issue.

  • Community

    UNSIGNED is about taking away the shame of not having a sponsor, and instead building a community of people and supporters who can rally around each other and help. It’s about figuring out a way to help each other together and feeling as though you have people around you who can help, if possible.